ANEXA LOGÍSTICA’s quality policy is solely and exclusively aimed at achieving the full satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties by seeing their expectations met, service after service. It is our concern to do the best possible every day and to constantly improve.
  • Comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients and other interested parties, as well as all those of a legal nature and other requirements applicable to our transport and storage activity.
  • Meet the delivery dates.
  • Take care of and supervise the merchandise in all phases of transport and storage.
  • Quickly resolve any incident.
  • Give a helpful and friendly treatment at all times.
  • Develop a sustainable Quality Model and promoter of Excellence and Service.
This business strategy will allow us to increase our position in the market day by day and differentiate ourselves from other competitors.
The management of this organization is convinced that this can only be achieved through:
  • Continuous contact with customers, to detect and discuss their needs, which serves as the basis for the continuous improvement of our services.
  • The use of vehicles appropriate to the characteristics of the transport.
  • The constant concern for customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous training of staff.
  • The application of the Quality Management System, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and GDP Standards, to guarantee the quality and improvement of services.
This policy must be understood and assumed by all, considering this Directorate as the first to lead and assume compliance with the guidelines described. On an annual basis, objectives consistent with the above will be defined, which we must all try to meet.

The General Sanitary Registry of food and food companies is the authorization that allows us to transport and store products intended for human and animal consumption, assuming for customers the guarantee that we work based on safety, legality and quality



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C/ Masía de Baló, naves 7 y 8 (Pol. Masía de Baló) > 46394 > Ribarroja del Turia > Valencia > España


C/ Masía de Baló, naves 7 y 8 (Pol. Masía de Baló) > 46394 > Ribarroja del Turia > Valencia > España