ANEXA LOGÍSTICA’s quality policy is aimed solely and exclusively at achieving the full satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties by meeting their expectations service after service. It is our concern to do our best every day and to constantly improve.

ANEXA LOGÍSTICA launches a Continuous Improvement Project whose objective is to articulate throughout the organisation the processes and sufficient resources to implement a Quality Policy towards Excellence.

The Quality Policy of ANEXA LOGÍSTICA

pursues the following objectives:

To comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients and other interested parties, as well as all those of a legal nature and other requirements applicable to our transport and storage activity.

To meet delivery dates.

To care for and supervise the goods at all stages of transport and storage.

Resolve any incident promptly.

To be helpful and friendly at all times.

Develop a sustainable Quality Model that promotes Excellence and Service.

This business strategy will allow us to increase our market position day by day and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

The Management of this organization is convinced that this can only be achieved through:

Continuous contact with customers, to detect and discuss their needs, which will serve as a basis for the continuous improvement of our services.

The use of appropriate vehicles to the characteristics of the transport.

Constant concern for customer satisfaction.

Continuous staff training

The application of the Quality Management System, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and GDP Standards, to guarantee the quality and improvement of services.

This policy must be understood and assumed by all, with this Management being considered as the first to lead and assume compliance with the guidelines described. Each year, objectives consistent with the above will be defined, which we must all strive to meet.

Ernesto Morell Bayarri. General Manager of ANEXA LOGÍSTICA, S.L

Sustainable development and quality policy are part of the company’s philosophy. Our quality management system is referenced to the ISO 9001 model, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. With an agile operating model focused on developing a culture of improvement and innovation.

With our GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certification, we guarantee our logistics services specialised in the “Land transport and storage of products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food use, which do not require temperature control”. Demonstrating that we comply with the requirements of the European Commission for the distribution of these products within the established times and in the best safety and health conditions.

The General Sanitary Register of food companies and foodstuffs is the authorisation that allows us to transport and store products for human and animal consumption, providing our customers with the guarantee that we work on the basis of safety, legality and quality.


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ANEXA LOGÍSTICA is focused on the development of a culture of improvement and innovation, within a framework of excellent management to create sustainable value through the robustness of its processes and the improvement of quality.


We handle a wide range of door-to-door shipments, DDP or door-to-door pick-up and delivery, pick-up at point of origin, transfer to (aero)port, customs, inland transport, customs clearance at destination, be it in less-than-truckload transports or conventional containers, as well as special equipment, dangerous goods, oversized, oversized and/or refrigerated cargo units.


We are the partner specialising in omnichannel logistics that offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services for the Supply Chain. The best Omnichannel Logistics with B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions: receptions and dispatches, warehousing, order preparation with both unit picking and complete package picking, cross docking, special handling, inventory management and reverse logistics.


In full load and groupage with Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Baltic countries, in import and export.

We are a member of ASTRE PALETSYSTEM, the ASTRE group’s European network for the distribution of palletised goods. A solid network, in constant development, offering tailor-made, evolving and eco-responsible solutions.


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